Inspections Utilizing Thermal Imagery

"Thermal imaging has been one of the greatest advances that I have added technologically to my inspection tool kit.  I use this camera on every job.  It's free of charge for my clients.  I would feel naked doing an inspection without it at this point."

                             -Chris Zimmerman


Be sure your inspector is using infrared camera technology.  Click on the gallery to the right for real world inspection images that turned up real problems that likely would not have been found without the use of a Flir Infrared Camera.    

The darker areas in this photo show water behind a basement wall. The shower above was leaking within the wall and showing up in the basement wall.

Thermal imaging is a fantastic tool for inspecting in-floor radiant heating systems. Camera will not only confirm operation but can also allow for identifying any leaks in a hydronic system.

The darker area in this photo is colder due to missing insulation. I was able to crawl over this vaulted ceiling in the attic to find a disconnected bathroom exhaust fan vent; had blown insulation out of place. This likely would not have been found without my infrared camera.

Large area of missing insulation in a brand new home. The attic was very hot on this summer afternoon. Note the large hot area in the photo that will contribute to energy loss if not corrected.

This older home on the north side has very little, if any, insulation in the walls. Knowing this kind of information prior to purchasing allows the buyer to prepare for energy use budgeting as well as areas in the home to improve upon.

This toilet was plumbed from the hot water supply. Might feel warmer on the bum but this is a waste of energy. This was found at a new construction house. The homeowners may have never realized this was plumbed this way.

Camera confirms minimal to (likely) no insulation in these basement walls.